Altrusa House - Frequently asked questions:

The following questions and answers have been prepared as a guide of the Altrusa House, Green Bay. Further questions should be directed to the contact person at the treatment hospital.

Q. What Hospitals are served by the Altrusa House?
A. The Altrusa House serves St. Vincent Hospital, Bellin Health, St. Mary’s Hospital & Aurora Bay Care Medical Center.

Q. How do patients & families arrange to stay at the Altrusa House?
A. The family makes arrangements through the contact person at the hospital where they are staying. The hospital personnel will call the Altrusa House to check availability. Guests bring the Altrusa House Referral Form (signed at the hospital) to the house. Registration hours at the House are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Q. What facilities are available to the guests?
A. Laundry facilities, all bed & bath linens and a fully equipped kitchen are provided. Televisions for your viewing are available in the common areas of each floor.

Q. Can the Altrusa House accommodate quests in a wheelchair?
A. The Altrusa House has four-handicapped accessible bedrooms on the first floor. It also has a chair lift for the second floor rooms.

Q. Are children allowed at the Altrusa House?
A. Children who are patients can stay at the Altrusa House with a parent or guardian. Children who are guests must be at least 10 years of age.

Q. Is hospital transportation available?
A. No, but the Altrusa House is within walking distance from Bellin & St. Vincent Hospitals. St. Mary’s Hospital & Aurora Bay Care Medical Center are approximately 10 minutes away. Parking is provided.

Q. Who is in charge at the Altrusa House?
A. A staff or Volunteer member is available to respond to guests concerns.
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