What is the Altrusa House of Green Bay?

The Altrusa House at 1116 E. Mason St. in Green Bay is a 12-bedroom “home away from home” opened in 2001 by Altru­sa International of Green Bay. Its express purpose is to offer temporary accommo­dations to people in need of medical treat­ments or because they are in Green Bay to support a friend or loved one.

Other than a $10 key fee, we provide this service to our guests at no charge for as many days as they need and will con­tinue to do so because of generous donors like you.

Guests generally live 50 miles or far­ther away from Green Bay and are referred to the Altrusa House by one of the hospi­tals in our community. People have come from many areas of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to receive the superior medical treatment they find here in Green Bay.

And because of accidents and sudden illnesses, our guests have also come from around the nation and world.

The Altrusa House was dedicated on a very memorable autumn day Oct. 3, 2001, after years of planning by the Altrusa Club of Green Bay, the local chapter of the in­ternational service organization.

The Altrusa House features 12 bed­rooms – each lovingly decorated by spon­sors -- plus a first-level living room, full kitchen and laundry room. There is also a spacious living area on the second level, with kitchenette. A donated chairlift allows handicapped accessibility to the eight sec­ond-level bedrooms.

Guests find the Altrusa House a place where they can rest and where they can al­ways find a newfound friend to talk with. ~ Article taken from our 2012 Annual Newsletter

Thoughts from our House Guest's

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  • This House was a haven of rest...

  • Come here as strangers & leave as friends...

  • St. Vincent's saved my wifes life and Altrusa saved mine...

  • God gives us many blessings in our life and the Altrusa House is one of them.

  • I know it's been said over & over...

  • Please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation...

  • ...when people like myself are in need of a little help...

  • I came from a very long way - Portsmouth, United Kingdom...

  • Altrusa House is truly a gift to all who stay here.

  • Like comfort food, this is a comfort place.

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